BOOM! 2020

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December 15


Boom! 2020 kicks off with a series of talks on advances in Technology in the Drilling and Blasting world. Lectures include topics such as autonomous drill fleets, the use of drones for managing blasts, new methods of 3-D profiling faces, and how artificial intelligence is coming into fragmentation analysis.

December 16


After thoroughly understanding new technology being applied to the industry, we will switch gears into discussing how to implement these technologies in the field and the new key performance indicators that will tell you how the blast is performing, we will wrap up this day with discussions on how to improve blasts including an overview of the new N-Factor Blast design - the first multivariate blast design methodology.

December 17


The final day of Boom! 2020 will discuss sustainability in the drilling and blasting program with new advances in ground vibration and environmental monitoring, this will also include discussions about how the ATF is moving forward without the table of distances and switching to a new risk analysis system to determine storage requirements.

Boom! 2020
Dec 15, 2020, 8:00 AM – Dec 17, 2020, 5:00 PM
Orlando, FL, USA


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Boom! 2020 is finally here. Take advantage of forward-thinking keynote speakers, networking with influential attendees, and much more. Register today and join us for a unique and inspiring experience.



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Boom! 2020 is an executive training summit that teaches leaders in the blasting, mining, and construction communities about the newest innovations in the drilling and blasting industries, including:

  • Drone use in Drill and Blast

  • The newest technology available to improve blast performance

  • Mine-To-Mill Optimization for Blasting

  • Sustainable Management of Drill and Blast programs

  • Ways to control blasting to maintain your social license to operate